IMPD teaches students about making good choices

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis police have teamed up with the Peace Learning Center to try to help young people make good choices.

A number of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers and Chief Rick Hite joined a class of students at John Marshall High School on Tuesday morning.

They played a game of Juvenile Justice Jeopardy and worked to strengthen the bond between officers and young people in Indianapolis.

It is one of the ways the program is trying to reduce crime involving kids.

"We've got to recognize today with all of the information they have on the Internet and social media, we have to be really proactive and have a conversation about how they arrive at choices, and how most importantly, what the final outcome would be -- going to jail or maybe even losing your life," Hite said.

The Peace Learning Center takes the program into John Marshall, Northwestern, Crispus Attucks and George Washington Community high schools each week.

Officers work with about 2,500 Indianapolis Public Schools students in health, social studies and history classes.

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