Second New Castle Prison Incident Under Investigation

Officials: Jail Won't Be Back To Normal For Some Time

An investigation is under way into a second incident at the New Castle Correctional Facility, which was the scene of a riot last week.

A chemical agent was used on some inmates following a rebellion after lunch Friday, 6News' Rick Hightower reported.

Five days after the initial uprising, some families said the flow of information between families and offenders is still shut down.

Joan Davis, whose husband is serving a 40-year term for murder, said she's frustrated.

"I've been told by people up there it's a day-by-day process right now -- that they're still on lockdown indefinitely until they say an investigation is complete," Davis said. "What they mean by that, I don't know."

Some residents who live near the facility are a bit uncertain as to whether the prison population is under control.

"Whoever made the decision to say that it wasn't a riot, I think it made a lot of people uneasy around here and a lot of people really uncomfortable," said Tim Logue.

Despite Tuesday's riot, Mayor Tom Nipp said he's confident residents are safe, even though life inside the prison might not return to normal for some time.

In a meeting with prison management, Nipp urged officials to provide more frequent briefings in their approach to restore order.

"One of the things they stated to me is that things were starting to come back to normal, but that it would not be just one giant leap back to normality," Nipp said.

In Friday's incident, one inmate had to be decontaminated after being overcome by a chemical agent. No prison workers were hurt.

A few hundred inmates from Arizona and Indiana remain in other prisons as the investigation into Tuesday's riot continues.

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