Shot Bank Teller Loses Twins

Deaths Come Days After Shooting; Arrestees No Longer Accused In Case

The twins a pregnant bank teller was carrying when she was shot during a robbery this week have died, the Marion County coroner's office said Friday.

One of Katherin Shuffield's twins was born dead, and the other died after birth, said Marion County's chief deputy coroner, Alfarena Ballew. One death happened Thursday night, and the other Friday morning, the coroner's office told 6News' Jack Rinehart.

Shuffield, 30, of Franklin, was five months pregnant when she was shot in the lower abdomen Tuesday in a robbery at Huntington National Bank, 2030 N. Post Road. Police said a gunman entered the bank, jumped the teller counter and shot Shuffield before taking money and leaving.

Shuffield's husband, Jason, said in a statement that his wife remained in critical condition at Methodist Hospital.

"Katherin's recovery is our top priority," he said.

Officials had said no bullet struck the fetuses, but Shuffield's appendix and a large part of her small intestines had to be removed.

Ballew said she would examine both fetuses to determine the causes of death.

Prosecutors could consider additional charges, such as feticide, against the gunman because the fetuses have died, said Marion County chief trial prosecutor David Wyser. In order for manslaughter charges to be filed in Indiana, Shuffield would have had to have been at least seven months pregnant, he said.

Arrestees Won't Be Charged In Teller Shooting; 1 Accused Of False Informing

Several men who police said were arrested Wednesday in connection with the robbery will not faces charges in the robbery and shooting, but one will be charged on suspicion of lying to investigators, officials said Friday.

Authorities said the arrests were made based on false information from one of the arrestees, Shed James Jr., 25.

James "flat-out lied" and "has not explained why," Wyser said.

Police arrested James and three other people Wednesday on preliminary charges of conspiracy to commit robbery. On Friday, the Marion County prosecutor's office said it wouldn't file those charges, and that investigators determined James had fed to investigators lies that led to the arrests.

Prosecutors intend to file a false informing charge against James, Rinehart reported.

Shed James Jr.

Indianapolis police on Friday downplayed the degree to which the alleged lies set them back.

"Depending on the information that we obtained through the help of the community -- that's not unusual," Indianapolis police Lt. Jeff Duhamell said. "Some of the search warrants may lead us to a different path in the investigation and that's not unusual. We are continuing to be vigilant in our investigation."

The men had been in custody on a 72-hour hold, the window that authorities use to detain suspects while gathering evidence before filing charges.

Police Check Whether Car Used In Robbery, Shooting

Police declined to say Friday whether the gold Dodge Intrepid they found Thursday was the car the shooter used to flee.

Investigators questioned the owner of that car Thursday, police said.

A source told Rinehart the car's owner reported it stolen Thursday afternoon -- after police announced they found the vehicle abandoned in a parking lot in the 5600 block of Post Road.

Police are suspicious about why the owner reported it missing after it was recovered, the source said. Authorities had said earlier they were looking for the car in connection with Tuesday morning's bank robbery and shooting.

A police detective said the vehicle smelled as if a dye pack -- an antitheft device that banks keep with their money -- had exploded in or near the vehicle.

Police had said they believed whoever robbed the bank picked up a dye pack as he grabbed money from the bank's drawers.

Robbery Details

Police said the gunman entered the bank at about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday while one customer and three employees were inside. Though no one resisted, the gunman went over the teller counter and shot Shuffield, police said.

After Shuffield was shot, witnesses told police, the robber grabbed cash from some drawers and fired a bullet at an empty chair before exiting the bank. A block to the west, at least one person saw him enter the passenger side of a gold, late-model Dodge Intrepid with dull, worn paint, police said.

The Intrepid sped away and a new, bright blue Honda Pilot SUV followed, the witness said, prompting police to wonder whether the SUV's occupants were linked to the robber. Information about how much money the robber took wasn't available.

Witnesses described the shooter as black, 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing about 215 pounds. He was wearing a blue stocking cap, a dark face covering, a gray jacket, blue jeans and dark shoes with light-colored heels, witnesses told police. Police said he also wore sunglasses and teal surgical gloves and was carrying a 9 mm gun.

Though the gunman's face was covered, authorities developed a sketch of him based on witness descriptions and released it Tuesday night. Police also released pictures of two vehicles similar to the ones they're seeking in connection with the incident.

The Rev. Charles Harrison (center) of the Barnes United Methodist Church called on the shooter to surrender to a certain group of ministers. "We will bring you in and work with the police if you are afraid to turn yourself in to the law enforcement community," Harrison said Wednesday.

At a news conference late Wednesday afternoon, some local ministers called on the shooter to surrender to one of them, arguing that the process of them handing the shooter to police might be smoother for him than police finding him.

Police endorsed the ministers' offer. They also said anyone with information about the shooting should call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477.

A benefit fund for Shuffield was established. Donations can be made to:

Katherin Shuffield Benefit Fund c/o Huntington Bank, Attn: Main Office Branch 45 N. Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis, IN 46204