Social media lashes back after Kentucky students say they can't write about Jesus

MCLEAN COUNTY, Ky. - A violation of religious freedom? Or just a misunderstanding?

A Kentucky high school English class assignment is getting a lot of attention on social media.

Students at McLean County High School were asked by their teacher to write an essay using vivid imagery, with details such as look, sound, smell and feel.

Some of the students decided they wanted to write about Jesus.

When the English teacher heard about their choice, principal Rollie Troutman said the teacher suggested the students pick something else.

It's a suggestion some are calling wrong. You can hear the community's response to the allegation in our video above.

"I agree with them -- I support (freedom of religion) as well," Troutman said. "Anytime someone wants to share that faith I think for a young person, that speaks volumes for them."

Since the allegation was posted to social media, the school has reportedly received dozens of complaints from parents who are asking for the teacher to be disciplined.

The principal says the teacher did not do anything wrong and will not be punished.