Spierers Doubt Man's Account Of Night Daughter Last Seen

Family Returns To New York As Search Wanes

The family of Lauren Spierer, an Indiana University student missing since June 3, is back in their New York home, but they are turning up the heat on those who were last seen with their daughter.

In an interview with News12 in New York, Robert and Charlene Spierer opened up about their frustrations and suspicions.

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The disappearance of Spierer, who would have been a junior at IU this year and would have been preparing to study abroad in January as she pursued a career in fashion merchandising, remains a mystery to investigators, the campus community and her parents.

The Spierers said they feel they've been stonewalled by some of the people who were with their daughter on the night she vanished.

"If we can get additional information from these boys, maybe we could simply help figure out what happened to her, move on and direct our resources in a different way," Robert Spierer said.

Much of the Spierers' ire is focused on Corey Rossman, who witnesses said Lauren spent a lot of time with that night.

"Some of the people have refused to speak to us. Corey Rossman … absolutely refuses to talk to us, and that's terribly frustrating," Spierer said.

Investigators said Spierer and Rossman were together at Kilroy's, a local bar, before her disappearance. Witnesses told police that Spierer was highly intoxicated and left her phone and shoes at the bar before stumbling out with Rossman.

Through his attorney, Rossman claimed he was assaulted and has no memory of what happened that evening.

"I have serious doubts about that. Perhaps if we had a chance to talk to him directly, we could get some more clarity on that issue," Spierer said. "To me, it sounds like an extremely convenient position to take."

Bloomington police searched Rossman's apartment and vehicle, but they didn't find any link to Lauren.

Spierer was also with Rossman's neighbor, Jay Rosenbaum, who police said watched her leave about 4:30 a.m., the last time she was seen.

Rosenbaum met with the family, with his attorney by his side, but the Spierers said there was little useful information.

"We were not able to get any additional information as a result of that meeting, unfortunately," Spierer said.

Spierer's boyfriend, Jesse Wolff, was not with her that night, officials said. The Spierers don't think he has any information he hasn't already shared, though he is one of several people of interest.

"I think he shared what he knows," Spierer said.

The Spierers have been relentless in their search, hiring a private investigator, organizing searches and using social media to spread information about her.

Police have also been investigating whether drugs were involved in Spierer's disappearance. Her family said she was on heart medication that she took daily, and police have looked into reports that she might have used cocaine that night.

"Her friends have told us that she didn't," Robert Spierer said. "So, perhaps that's the answer."

There have been several dead ends in the investigation, including a probe of a truck that was seen on surveillance video circling the area where Spierer was last seen. Crews also tore through a landfill, finding nothing.

The Spierers are waiting and praying for a break in the case, hoping against hope for her miraculous return.

"We don't know (if she's still alive). We hope she is," Spierer said.

Bloomington police are taking tips regarding Spierer's disappearance at 812-339-4477.

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