State Faces 21 Lawsuits Over Stage Collapse

Tort Claims Filed In Wake Of State Fair Deaths

Tuesday marked a month since the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair that killed seven people and injured more than 40 more, some of them seriously.

The state is now facing 21 potential lawsuits in connection with the collapse, which happened during a severe thunderstorm as the country music duo Sugarland was preparing to take the stage for a performance.

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The attorney general's office is keeping track of tort claims, legal notices that must be filed before the state can be sued. By law, Indiana has 90 days to respond.

The state has retained the services of victims' compensation specialist Kenneth Feinberg to help devise an equitable way to distribute the $5 million liability fund set by state law.

Feinberg said only those injured and families of those killed are likely to receive money. At least three claims have been filed on behalf of victims who died.

Numerous claims are seeking reimbursement for medical bills and the loss of pay for the injured.

Some of the claims are very detailed. A man from Kokomo is seeking payment for missing five days of work, suffering physical injuries and the loss of a wallet with $600 inside.

Some of the claims are demanding the state limit of $700,000 for physical and emotional trauma.

A plan on how the money raised in a relief fund will be distributed is expected to be released in a few weeks.

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