State Road 236 closure could impact your commute, I-70 new bridge prep work to cause traffic stops


If you live in or around Middletown, or find yourself going through the area during the week, you'll want to pay attention to this traffic alert!

INDot maintenance crews will be closing State Road 236 between Mechanicsburg Road and Henry County Road 800 West at 6 o-clock on Wednesday morning, with the hope to reopen before 5-o-clock on Thursday evening.

The closure is happening in order to replace a culvert pipe in the area.

During this time, traffic will be directed south to U.S. 36, by way of State Road 109 and Raider Road.

So if you were planning on heading through that area during the time of the closure, you’ll definitely want to leave earlier, as the detour will add more time to your travels.


Construction for a new Interstate bridge over State Road 121 will significantly impact westbound I-70 traffic after Labor Day, but this week, some prep work for the project might also impact travels.

Drivers on State Road 121 should plan for temporary traffic stops during the daylight hours starting Wednesday and continuing through Friday at the I-70 bridge construction site near Gravel Pit Road.

These traffic stops on State Road 121 will be stopped for about 20 minutes at a time, while each of five 71-foot, 14,000 pound bridge beams are lifted into place over the road.

But, the good news is that Interstate traffic won't be affected during these beam placings.

Once the beams are in place, drivers should note the overhead clearance on State Road 121 is expected to be about 15 feet.

There are multiple phases of this project, so keep an eye out for updates on progress, as I'll be monitoring each phase as the project moves forward.

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