State Stresses Fireworks Safety Ahead Of Holiday

600 Fireworks Outlets Inspected By State

A week before Independence Day, the state is stressing fireworks safety, from the stores that sell them, to how and where Hoosiers set them off.

The state Fire Marshal's Office has inspected and certified more than 600 outlets across the state, 6News' Derrik Thomas reported.

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"(We look for) do they have proper exit signs? If it is a large enough store and it requires sprinklers, does it have sprinklers? Do they have inspections for the sprinkler for the smoke alarm and for the fire alarm system?" said Indiana Fire Marshal James Greeson.

Indiana law stipulates only those older than 18 can buy fireworks, and many stores ask to see ID.

Tim Lee, the owner of USA Fireworks, a certified dealer, said his goal is to sell fireworks, but to also educate customers about safety.

"You want to have a good distance between houses," he said. "We talk about having a 5-gallon bucket of water nearby, soaking your items after they are out, never putting extinguished items in your garage that have already been used."

Fireworks can only be used on a person's private property, the property of someone who granted permission for fireworks to be set off or on public property that has been designated by local jurisdictions.