State To Investigate Teacher In Toe-Licking Video

More Parents Level Allegations Against Teacher, Coach

A state investigation has been launched and more parents are coming forward with allegations of inappropriate conduct by a teacher who some feel is involved too intimately with children.

The 41-second cell phone video that prompted a 6News investigation shows a Mooresville Consolidated School Corp. junior varsity softball player licking the toes of teacher Jody Monaghan, a former softball coach, 6News' Jack Rinehart reported.

Angry parents called it a mere snapshot of years of inappropriate texting and touching between Monaghan and their children.

Another parent, who came forward after 6News' first report but did not want to be identified, said Monaghan sent her daughter texts discussing sex.

"My daughter received this test message, it had to do with oral sex," the parent said. "I couldn't quote it word for word, but that's what it was about. I was floored. I was angry. I wanted to go look the guy up."

School officials said that they looked into the parents' allegations, but that the students who were interviewed said they didn't feel threatened and that no laws were broken.

Monaghan was dismissed from coaching softball, but now coaches the girl's swim team.

"It's outrageous that the principal, the athletic director, the head coach are all aware of everything, and he still has contact with our children," said Lenny Adair, who said Monaghan had texted his daughter. "So they go from softball uniforms to girls in bathing suits. Go figure that, and I don't like it."

Superintendent Curt Freeman told 6News on Friday that Monaghan had used poor judgment. He and Monaghan have refused repeated requests to be interviewed.

The Indiana Department of Education said Wednesday that it would conduct its own investigation into the allegations to determine if Monaghan went too far.