Superintendent Downplays School Bus Fee Lawsuit

Franklin Township Mother Files Suit Against District

Franklin Township Community School Corp. Superintendent Walter Bourke said Wednesday that the district is confident it will prevail in a recently filed lawsuit that challenges the district's bus fees.

Lora Hoagland, a mother of two children with special needs, filed suit against the district in hopes of stopping the $475 per-child bus fee charged by the Central Indiana Education Service Center, or CIESC, a nonprofit group that now runs transportation for the district.

Hoagland said both of her children have serious medical conditions and qualify as special needs students, but the district won't allow them to ride on special needs buses, which are driven by bus drivers trained in CPR.

The families of students who ride special needs buses are not charged.

Bourke defended the bus fees.

"We believe we are on very solid legal ground, and the arrangement we have in place with CIESC to provide contracts with bus drivers and parents is based in state statute," Bourke said.

Charles Rubright, the district's attorney, said the law states that when a school corporation does not offer transportation, parents may contract with bus drivers for a fee .

"We look forward to advocating our position in court," said Rubright, who said he had not yet seen the complaint.

Hoagland's lawsuit may soon become a class-action suit with up to 8,000 Franklin Township parents

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