Teacher Faces Stalking Charge In Case Involving Student

Student Says Harassment Began Months Before Report

A former Beech Grove High School teacher faces a felony stalking charge after she pursued one of her male students, his girlfriend and their roommate, authorities said.

According to police, Sara Kifer, 26, hacked into the student's Facebook account, created a blog where she talked about him and told him that she's sorry he had to endure her psycho side.

Kifer was a math teacher at Beech Grove High School during the 2009-2010 school year.

The student claimed Kifer began harassing him in November 2009, but he didn't report it until April 2010 because he wanted to get through his senior year without any problems, 6News' Derrik Thomas reported.

The student contacted the Indiana Department of Education and was told how to obtain a protective order. Beech Grove police said that after he got the order, he received 47 text messages and 26 cell phone calls from Kifer.

Police also said that Kifer sent the student an email that said, "If ever you and your girlfriend break up and you want to have sex with someone, I would definitely want to."

In another email, police said Kifer proclaimed, "I just know that I love you, and I want you to be happy, and it will never happen if I'm alive."

The fatalistic note set police into action.

"When somebody is making statements about … hurting themselves, it just ups the ante considerably to the point where this is something that needs to be acted on right away," said Beech Grove police Capt. Richard Mercuri.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Kifer's suicide plan included going to an indoor shooting range at 30 S. Post Road.

Police said they recovered a silhouette practice target from Kifer's car that had several bullet holes in it. Investigators said they found a single bullet in Kifer's purse.

"I can't give you a comment," said Ron Frazier, Kifer's attorney.

Police said Kifer's husband told them that she didn't kill herself at the shooting range because a man was there with his two children and she didn't want to shoot herself in front of children.

Kifer was being held Tuesday on $7,500 bond.