Teens In Court In Botched Robbery Attempt

Women Held On $50,000 Bond

Three teenage girls with no prior criminal history appeared in court Tuesday after they were accused of involvement in a spectacularly bad bank robbery attempt on Indianapolis' northeast side.

Lanae Parks, 18, Tanicia Sneed, 19, and Shaming Woods, 18, were charged with attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The teens tried to hide their faces after their initial court appearance. Police said they tried to rob a Chase Bank branch at 3950 Meadows Drive Friday

During the attempted heist, Parks and Sneed were trapped between the doors of the branch as they tried to escape.

"It's pitiful, man, it's just pitiful," said James Burnett, Woods' grandfather. "Right now, I'm kind of sad because my granddaughter's messed up in this situation. I really don't know what it is, but I don't really believe that she would be the one to do nothing like that."

Police said the trio shopped around before settling on robbing the Chase Bank, considering holding up the Fifth Third Bank at 38th and Pennsylvania streets and the Chase Bank at 215 E. 38th Street.

All three women were held Tuesday in the Marion County Jail on $50,000 bond. There will be a bond reduction hearing Friday.

According to a police report, a teller told officers that Parks came to the counter and gave her a note that said, "B****, give me the money."

The teller didn't immediately respond to the request, police said, and Parks walked to the front of the bank, through the security doors.

The teller then locked those doors, keeping Parks inside with Sneed, who was already in the same area, police said.

Employees called 911, leading to the arrest of both women, along with Woods, who was waiting in a car outside the bank, police said.