Terrorism Expert: So-Called 'Jihad Kathie' On Radar For Years

Woman Featured In Controversial Video With Husband

An Indianapolis woman some have dubbed "Jihad Kathie" because of her online posting condemning America has been on the radar of U.S. intelligence officials for years, a terrorism expert said.

Peter Beering, a principal in the Indianapolis Terrorism Response Group who has been involved in anti-terrorism efforts for more than a decade, told 6News' Tanya Spencer authorities have known of Kathie Smith, 46, for about three years.

Smith, a U.S. citizen and a convert to Islam, married a man last year who FoxNews.com reported is a suspected German jihadist, and has been flying back and forth to Germany to visit him.

"She has a well-known blog that has had a series of postings on it, most recently the very pro-radical Islamist and Jihadist video that was actually posted on YouTube," Beering said.

The nearly six-minute video shows Smith and her husband, known online as Salahudin Ibn Ja'far, 28, posing, hugging and holding weapons along with photos of men accused of plotting attacks against Americans in Germany and assorted jihadist propaganda.

Smith, who goes by the Muslim name Zubaida, admits to openly criticizing American policies concerning the war in Afghanistan, but she said she and her husband pose no threat to America.

“Just to hear that makes me laugh because the people that know me, they know that this has just been outlandish," Smith told 6News.

She admits her husband has been close friends since childhood with known and suspected terrorists. Still, she defends her opinions and actions, including pictures of her posing with weapons.

"(Former Alaska Governor) Sarah Palin has pictures of her holding guns. What's the big deal?" Smith said.

FoxNews.com reported that in online postings Smith has celebrated the deaths of U.S. soldiers -- who she called terrorists -- at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan, applauded another user’s posting of a rendering of the two planes hitting the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001, and repeatedly called for jihad against the West.

Beering said he believes scrutiny in Smith's case is warranted.

"Certainly, the ideologies and the behaviors warrant close attention by a variety of authorities, and I think that they're getting that kind of attention," he said.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security confirmed to 6News that the agency has been made aware of the video of Smith and her husband.

Officials said it has been turned it over to state police and the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center, which collects information to share with local, state and federal law enforcement.

Still, Beering said he doesn't see the Indianapolis woman as a large threat.

"This is the winter in Indiana,” he said. “We're at greater risk of slipping and falling on the ice than we are of suffering some ill as a result of a different viewpoint than our own."

Smith told 6News that she’s only still in Indianapolis because of Visa reasons and health issues, but that she plans to move to Germany soon to be with her husband.