Tourism Execs Pull Much-Mocked 'Shuffle' Parody

Video Slammed As Embarrassing, Cheesy

Indianapolis tourism executives have pulled a much-mocked parody of the famous "Super Bowl Shuffle" that drew ire online Wednesday.

The Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association billed the video as a marketing tactic aimed at Chicago meeting planners and business executives to build buzz ahead of the 2012 Super Bowl.

But what officials described as a cheesy video featuring tourism staffers and workers from seven downtown hotels in their own choreographed version of the 1985 Chicago Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle" quickly garnered hundreds of critical comments and even a petition and a Facebook page asking city officials to pull it down.

As the feedback reached a critical mass online, ICVA removed the video from YouTube just before 8 p.m. Wednesday.

"Thanks for your passion about the city. We acknowledge making a mistake by going public with this and we accept fault. The video has been removed," wrote Jeff Robinson, the organization's creative director.

The YouTube video had nearly 8,000 views before the video was removed, but the dislikes outweighed the likes 3-1, and of the nearly 200 comments, almost all slammed the video as embarrassing and poorly done.

"If this gets too big, I'm not telling people I'm from here anymore," wrote Motsenbopper.

"So when you have to constantly fight against the perception of being a redneck backwater, it's better not to post video evidence," wrote klooper1965.

Some particularly outspoken critics started a Facebook page pleading to "make this abomination of a promotional video go away as soon as possible!"

The page, which had nearly 200 fans, links to other sites that had picked up on the video, including Deadspin and BleacherReport, with the headline "Watch Indianapolis Businesses Butcher Classic Song."

"It should reach late night comedy writers in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...." the Facebook site's authors wrote.

NUVO slammed the video as reminding the "world we're really dorks."

Criticism was harsh on RTV6' Facebook page as well.

"It's horribly embarrassing. It's amateurish without pulling off charm or irony," wrote David Monroe.

"I say its embarrassingÂ…kinda like the colts season," wrote J.R. Baker.

"I say we tell everyone we got hacked and say the real one is coming soon," wrote Karen Vanderpool O'Keefe.

Jennifer Wagner, an Indianapolis public relations expert, tweeted, "The person who said there's no such thing as bad #PR never saw the #Indy #SuperBowl Shuffle. #viral."

Still, she gave tourism officials credit for pulling the video as outcry continued to grow.

"Let's give @visitIndy credit for pulling the #SuperBowl Shuffle in far less time than it took the Indy 500 to replace Donald Trump," she tweeted.

ICVA spokesman Chris Gahl said the video was well-received by its intended audience.

"For its targeted audience who received it, opened it and responded positively, we're ecstatic," Gahl said.

The video featured the Indiana Convention Center, Omni Severin Hotel, The Westin Indianapolis, The JW Marriott Indianapolis, Crowne Plaza at Historic Union Station, Hilton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites, Indianapolis Marriott Downtown and Hyatt Regency Indianapolis.

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