Trial Of IMPD Officer Ends With Hung Jury

Officer Robbed Hispanic Men During Traffic Stops, Prosecutors Say

The trial of an Indianapolis police officer charged with robbery and official misconduct ended early Friday morning with a hung jury.

Jurors deliberated overnight the fate of Officer David Butler, who prosecutors said robbed two Hispanic men of $2,700 in 2010 and 2011 after they were stopped for traffic violations.

Butler's attorney, Robert Turner, said his client didn't do it and that a police imposter robbed the men.

A court official told RTV6 that Butler will be retried.

Prosecutors said Butler, a 23-year veteran of the department, committed the robberies in 2010 and 2011.

Last year, Butler denied his involvement.

"In my 23 years, I've never been accused of anything like this," he told RTV6's Derrik Thomas. "I am innocent of these charges. I would never do anything to disrespect the badge or this department, or my family."

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