Twins X 2 Goes Global As Children's Arrival Nears

Couples Focused On Impending Delivery Of Sets Of Twins

A heartwarming story of faith, friendship and four babies RTV6 put together a few weeks ago has captured attention all around the world.

A couple and their surrogate first told their amazing story to RTV6's Ericka Flye, igniting a global response.

Brian and Misty Baker, along with surrogate Amber Pluckebaum, are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of four children. Both women are carrying twins.

The Bakers, who moved to Seattle from Kokomo, had tried for 10 years to have a child, without success. Pluckebaum, a very close friend who lives in Kokomo, agreed to carry a child for the Bakers as a gestational surrogate. She was implanted last October with embryos created by Misty and Brian.

To everyone's surprise, the Bakers soon learned they were expecting twins that Misty was carrying and that Pluckebaum was also carrying twins.

News outlets in Norway, Brazil, Greece, England, Ireland, France, Croatia and Hungary, along with other countries, picked up on the story, not to mention other American outlets, such as the Huffington Post and LA Times. The level of interest surprised the couples.

"It didn't take but less than a day from the time the story was on WRTV and on your website until we were seeing all this traffic around the world," Brian Baker said.

The pending arrival of four children was a shock to both families.

"I thought she would have a good chance of at least getting one baby out of this batch of embryos," said Dr. William Gentry.

"I was like, 'We're both pregnant,' and it was really just tears of joy and laughter," Misty Baker said.

KOMO, the ABC affiliate in Seattle, aired the story, too. The 2,000-mile distance between the Bakers and Pluckebaum has been heart-wrenching for both families. Both expectant mothers are focused on staying healthy and getting rest, preparing for delivery any day.

"Everyone has been great. The babies are doing magnificent," Brian Baker said.

As the Bakers put finishing touches on their nursery, the world spotlight has been hectic and exhilarating, as has response on their blog.

"We've had people accessing our website from China, South Africa, Lithuania," Brian Baker said.

Many have left encouraging comments or told their own stories about trying to start a family. The Bakers, as well as Amber and her husband, Brian, said they are glad their journey is an inspiration to others.

"If we can bring the message of hope to other couples that are dealing with infertility issues, then that is great," Brian Baker said.

Network producers have also been in contact with the families, potentially taking the story to an even wider audience.

For now, the Bakers and the Pluckebaums are intensely focused on the arrival of four little ones.

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