Pregnant Kentucky police officer bristles at department's decision on sick leave

FLORENCE, Ky. - A pregnant police officer has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the City of Florence in Kentucky.

After being told she would have to take unpaid time off when she asked to be placed on "light duty," Officer Lyndi Trischler said she had to take a stand.

Trischler is now nearly 8 months pregnant with her second child, and says work became difficult when her gun belt and bullet proof vest became too constrictive.

During her first pregnancy, she said she was able to be placed on light duty, which is a position for an injured officer to take physical strain away from the job.

The City of Florence said since her pregnancy wasn't a work-related injury, she was told she'd have to use up sick and vacation days.

"I was told that if I'd timed it better that I wouldn't be going through this," Trischler said. "That if I had waited and saved up my vacation and sick time, I wouldn't be dealing with this problem, basically."

To make matters worse, Trischler's unborn baby has a genetic skeletal disorder. He won't survive once he's born.

Trischler has filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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