VIDEO: Man dies after police choke hold

An investigation is underway after a New York man died while in police custody, going into cardiac arrest after officers appeared to put him into a choke hold.
Police say they tried to detain Eric Garner, 43, for illegally selling cigarettes.
A video of the incident shows one officer putting Garner in the choke hold, with several other officers getting involved.
Garner was later pronounced dead on arrival
The cause of Garner's death has been ruled inconclusive, pending further studies.
Garner's family says he repeatedly told officers he couldn't breathe before he fell unconscious, and a video taken at the scene tells the same story.
A rally demanding answers is planned for later Saturday.
Choke holds are prohibited by New York police officers.
The video taken at the scene is embedded below. 
WARNING: This video might be disturbing to some viewers.




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