White Skips Eligibility Hearing

Judge To Rule Within Month On Secretary Of State's Case

A Marion County judge said Wednesday he expects to rule within 20 days on whether Republican Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White is eligible to hold office.

White skipped the Wednesday morning court hearing during which Judge Louis Rosenberg heard arguments on the challenge by state Democrats of a June decision in White's favor by the Indiana Recount Commission.

White wasn't represented at the hearing, but his spokesman said he wasn't required to show up, never intended to be there and filed a supporting brief with the court.

A deputy attorney general representing the Recount Commission said that she recently told White she didn't know whether he needed to be present for Wednesday's hearing.

"As an attorney, I would not have the courage or the chutzpah not to show up in a court proceeding that I was on record as representing a party," said William Groth, an attorney representing the Democratic Party.

Democrats argued that White improperly used his ex-wife's address in Fishers to vote in the 2010 Republican primary when he also had a condo with his then-fiancee.

"We want the judge to rule that the commission erroneously decided this issue and that they are required to issue an order that says Charlie White cannot serve as secretary of state and issue an order that a certificate of election be issued for Vop Osili," said Karen Celestino-Horseman, another attorney representing the Democratic Party.

White also faces criminal charges including voter fraud in Hamilton County. He has asked a judge to dismiss that case.

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