Woman Arrested In Fishers Prostitution Sting

Police: Jinping Wang Faces Misdemeanor Charges

A woman was arrested Tuesday in a prostitution sting at a Hamilton County business.

Fishers police said Jinping Wang, 45, of Fishers, offered to perform sex acts for money when an undercover officer visited the Thai Spa in the 11000 block of Village Square Lane, near 116th Street and Hague Road.

"In mid-June, the police department began receiving complaints from area business owners," said Fishers police Officer Tom Weger. "They reported that several men had mistaken their business for a massage parlor located in the same area."

Wang was arrested on a misdemeanor prostitution charge, but detectives said more arrests are possible because client information was found during the raid.

Shannon Belcher owns a hair salon in the same strip mall where police set up the prostitution sting. She said the massage parlor popped up out of nowhere and that she never saw employees.

"I drove by the other night and saw the flashing open sign at 10 o'clock at night. I thought that was a little weird," Belcher said.

Advertising at Thai Spa was in plain view, offering a massage seven days a week, Thai style, 6News' Ericka Flye reported.

"When I saw the Thai massage thing, I thought that it probably wasn't legit," Belcher said.

Weger said several business owners told investgators that men, trying to find the parlor would mistakenly come into their businesses. That's when police decided to send an undercover officer to the parlor to get a Thai massage.

"During that appointment, (Wang) offered to perform sexual acts for money," Weger said.

Police said their investigation revealed information on clients and others possibly involved.

"Some people feel like it's a victimless crime, but indeed it's not. It's criminal activity, and for people who are participating in it, we want to know who they are," Weger said.

James Reddick also owns a salon and spa in the strip mall and was shocked after learning about the investigation.

"I'm really surprised. I had no idea that that kind of activity was going on in this community," Reddick said.

Reddick said he hopes allegations against the Thai Spa doesn't give Fishers a bad name.

"I'd like everyone to understand that we are moral and that kind of activity is not welcome," Reddick said.

Fishers police said they made a similar bust about five years ago.