Woman Rejects Plea Deal In Rat Poison Case

Bei Bei Shuai Faces Murder, Feticide Charges

A woman charged with murder and feticide for eating rat poison while pregnant has rejected a plea agreement.

At a court hearing Friday, Bei Bei Shuai, 35, turned down prosecutors' offer to drop a murder charge if she pleads guilty to a lesser charge of attempted feticide.

Had Shuai accepted the deal, she could have faced six to 20 years in prison or a suspended sentence.

Shuai, a Chinese immigrant, was freed on bond in May after more than a year in jail.

Shuai was 33 weeks pregnant in December 2010 when she ate rat poison after her boyfriend broke up with her. The child was delivered but died three days later.

Women's rights groups say her prosecution endangers the rights of pregnant women.

Shuai has until Aug. 31 to change her mind about the plea deal.

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