Woman Surprised By Snake In Apartment

4-Foot Python Was Lurking In Ceiling

A University of Indianapolis student says she got the scare of her life when she got a surprise visitor in her Greenwood apartment.

Claudia White, 20, said she just heard something moving in her bathroom at Polo Run Apartment complex late Friday.

White realized the sounds were coming from the ceiling when she saw the overhead vent had been moved.

When White reached up to adjust the vent, the head of a snake peeked out.

White called the maintenance crew, who then removed a 4-foot snake, later identified as a baby python, from her apartment.

Apartment managers told White the snake likely belonged to a former tenant who kept pet snakes in the apartment below her.

White said she was so traumatized by what happened, she doesn't feel comfortable inside her apartment and is staying with friends.

"I want to move but the landlord won't let me break my lease," White said.

6News contacted managers at Polo Run for comment, but they had yet to return our phone call.