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Answers still sought 7 months after Amiah's disappearance

Posted at 11:37 PM, Oct 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-13 12:01:54-04

INDIANAPOLIS — It has been nearly seven months since 8-month-old Amiah Robertson disappeared and family members are still pushing for answers.

Near Holmes Avenue and Washington Street, people in the community gathered in prayer alongside Amiah's family members in the place she was last seen alive.

They came together for support and with one united cause: to find out what happened to Amiah.

The group was made up of people like C.C. Hatton and Nikki Ford, who have continued looking for the infant girl since she went missing March 16.

"We're here to just keep her alive and keep people remembering who she is and that she's still missing," Ford said. "We just kind of have reviewed all the areas and possible locations of where Amiah was in her last days."

On Saturday night, they took their message back to the neighborhood where Amiah was last seen alive and marched with signs and demanded justice.

"We would also like to see someone held accountable for at least child endangerment and this child being gone and no one speaking up," Ford said.

Amiah's grandfather, Charles Robertson, was there, as well, even though he called the experience "bone-chilling" and said he was a nervous wreck.

"It fills my heart," he said. "It really does, and I appreciate everything everybody does."

Robertson said he has not received any updates on the case in months and he hasn't heard from his daughter, Amiah's mom Amber, in even longer.

"Amber hasn't spoken to me since this happened," Robertson said. "I know she don't have a home of her own."

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has investigated the case as a homicide since March 23. Investigators have searched ponds, an area around the White River and dug holes in the yard where Amiah was last seen. However, no arrests have been made.

Amiah's mother is not considered a suspect in the case, and IMPD still asks that anyone who has information call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

"If you know anything, just come forward," Robertson said. "You don't have to give your name or anything like that. Just tell us what happened. That way we can proceed with our life."

And Robertson had one final message for his granddaughter.

"Amiah, papa loves you," he said. "Papa will die loving you. You're always in my heart, every day."


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