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Mecum Auction in Indianapolis: Tips on buying a used car

Posted: 4:43 PM, May 16, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-16 19:46:15-04

INDIANAPOLIS — There are more than 2,000 cars at the Mecum Auction at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. If you're looking for a new ride to cruise around in during the spring weather, professional car buyers offer advice on the right fit for you and the most reliable.

Professional car buyers say auctions are the way to go when deciding to get a new ride, and one of those buyers, Gary Losko, told RTV6 this is not a hobby for him — it's his life.

"Don't buy it over the internet... Look at it, put your hands on it, crawl underneath of it," Losko said. Especially for some of the classic cars.

"Everything costs something to fix," Losko said. "Very few guys know how to fix the older vehicles."

Another professional car buyer makes purchases for fun, Pete Shuffitt, inspects every inch of a prospective muscle car and has advice for buying older vehicles.

"The main thing you want to look for on any older car is rust," Shuffitt said. "Rust costs so much to fix, and sometimes it's just cheaper to purchase another car than it is to repair the rust."

Do the research, know the car's worth. And then, of course, enjoy the ride.

If you're looking to buy, or just check out the sweet rides, the auction is open through May 19 at the fairgrounds. Tickets are $30 for adults and are free for kids 12 and under. Find more information here.

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