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Noblesville police urge neighbors to work together on crime

Posted: 11:06 PM, May 01, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-01 23:06:39-04

NOBLESVILLE — People who live in the suburbs outside of Indianapolis are banding together to tackle any kind of crime on their blocks and to be more alert.

The Wellington Estates neighborhood had their first crime watch meeting in Noblesville on Tuesday night, and Noblesville police were there to help kick it off.

"Last year we had a few incidences for speeding and some vandalism and just odds and ends," Mike Guzman, The Wellington Estates Crime Watch Coordinator, said. "And we thought, you know what, this is a safe neighborhood, we want to keep it that way."

And thus the 34th crime watch group in Noblesville began.

"We have over 100 subdivisions, so we know we've got some work ahead of us," Guzman said.

Noblesville Police Department says these groups are crucial for catching criminals and solving crimes.

"There are 64 to 65 homes in our subdivision, so with that many eyes and ears going, we can kind of keep tabs and report back to the police department," Guzman said.

The James Place subdivision has had its crime watch group for several years.

"You've got more people looking. People see something; they let somebody else know, which is a good thing," Robert Dahlke, who lives in James Place, said.

Residents say it helps make everyone aware of nearby issues.

"What it means is they're going to be paying attention to what's going on," Lt. Bruce Barnes, Noblesville Police Department, said. "They're going to provide us with information whether they think it's relevant or not."

As police in Fishers actively look for two suspects who robbed a local gas station Tuesday morning, and there's an ongoing investigation in Zionsville involving a man's murder - crime watch groups and citizens paying attention to what's happening in their neighborhood is becoming increasingly important in the city and suburbs.



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