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Residents concerned over proposed development in Zionsville

Posted: 7:04 PM, Mar 27, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-28 11:07:04-04

ZIONSVILLE — Concerns are growing in Zionsville about a proposed development that could bring new apartments, retail space and a parking garage to town, but some say the location isn't the best choice.

Planned for four acres of land, Sycamore Flats is slated to have 184 new one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Developers say they are excited — but people living in the Zionsville Village say this isn't the right project for their community.

"A lot of communities are losing it, they are losing that feel," Bret Brewer said. Brewer lives along Main Street in Zionsville. The small town feel of the village area is something he loves about his community.

"Having that feel is attractive to a lot of people. By losing that we have just lost another town," Brewer said. "The charm ... it is still a small town feel. We can walk to wonderful restaurants on main street from our home. It's just a great community and a great place to raise kids."

Brewer and Gary Angstadt are concerned over the new Sycamore Flats, proposed development for West Sycamore Street. Their biggest concern is that it's too big and won't fit in.

"The size, the scope of it is massive, and it will change the character of Zionsville," Angstadt said.

The two long-time residents other concern is the extra traffic it will bring.

"This is one of the main arteries that you were going to plop 184 apartments in with roughly 250 cars that's 250 cars going out and coming back," Brewer said.

"We are very excited about this opportunity, and understand some neighbors have concerns. We have put together a web page and FAQ document to answer many of the questions people have about our proposed addition to the Zionsville Village."

You can find that FAQ information here.

The company said there are business owners that support the development.

J.C. Hart Development estimates the average household income will be $77,000, and that's money that will be spent at these local stores and businesses.

Developers will be back in front of the Zionsville Plan Commission on April 15, where they will decide what's next and whether to approve the project.

Both the developer and concerned citizens have their petitions out, hoping to get signatures showing the support either way.

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