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RTV6 viewer finally receives his license plate and registration

Posted: 5:25 PM, Mar 15, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-15 22:26:40Z

AVON — Following an RTV6 report about mailing issues with the Indiana BMV, a central Indiana driver has received his license plate and registration.

Avon resident Thomas Ballock reached out to RTV6 earlier this week after waiting seven weeks for his license plate to arrive in the mail. Ballock emailed the BMV and was told the item was returned as "undeliverable" on February 13.

A month later, Ballock still had not received the plate and contacted the Danville Post office.

"They had received something like 25 complaints during the past month alone about BMV mailings not being delivered," Ballock said.

After Ballock came forward, RTV6 reached out to the BMV. They were reviewing the process with the mail sorting center and working directly with the post office to monitor further issues.

Now, on Friday March 15, Ballock has finally received his license plate, and shared photos and videos with RTV6 demonstrating the issue that led to the mail not being delivered.

Ballock is not alone in his issues with the BMV. RTV6 reported earlier this week on an Avon couple that was also forced to wait weeks for their license plates.

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Following that report, the BMV said they weren't aware of a backlog of delivery issues, stating all sealed envelopes are routed through a mail sorting center with an address verification process.

A United States Postal Service spokesperson, however, said there is an issue with the processing center not being able to see the address on the envelopes.

"I am very disappointed and disgusted with the performance of the BMV because if they have a problem, they pretend to be unaware of it," Ballock said.

RTV6 reached back out to the BMV requesting an interview and a tour of the mail sorting facility. Both requests were denied.

RTV6 also contacted the Avon Police Department to find out what drivers need to do if they are in this situation. The police department's advice is for drivers to keep their BMV receipt in their vehicles at all times.

Ballock gave a big shout out to RTV6's Nicole Griffin on her investigative work:

"Consumers' communications with the BMV were in vain, described by at least one customer as "a bureaucratic nightmare". A media outlet was contacted to no avail. A complaint was registered via the Indiana governor's website with no response. It was not until the intrepid and determined Nicole Griffin investigated that the disgruntled BMV customers finally received their license plates. Thanks, Nicole and RTV6!"

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