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Update: Negotiations underway for Brownsburg man to keep dog "Dee Dee"

Posted: 7:05 PM, Mar 29, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-29 19:05:18-04

INDIANAPOLIS — New developments in the case of the Hendricks County man who contacted RTV6 in an attempt to prevent his Saint Bernard from being euthanized.

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George Austin's dog "Dee Dee" is at the Hendrick County Animal Control Shelter. Animal control officers took the dog after she escaped her house and got into a scrap with another dog and the dog's owner.

Austin was told that was the third strike for Dee Dee and she would have to be put down.

On Friday negotiations went underway that Austin can have Dee Dee back, but only if she doesn't live in Hendricks County.

Austin is currently trying to find someone to take Dee Dee while he finds a place to live outside of the county.

More updates to come.

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