Zionsville High Graduates May Set New World Record

Zionsville's Class Of 2012 Has 14 Sets Of Twins

When the class of 2012 from Zionsville Community High School walks the stage to get their diplomas, they might also be walking into the "Guinness World Records."

They won't know for sure until next week whether they'll break the current world record, but they could have the most sets of twins in a graduating class in the world.

A photographer taking class pictures who first noticed that the number of twins in the senior class at Zionsville Community High School seemed unusually high.

A check with "Guinness World Records" officials showed he was right, RTV6’s Tanya Spencer reported.

The current record was set in 2010, when 13 sets of twins graduated from a high school in Connecticut.

Zionsville's class of 2012 has 14 sets of twins.

"I was really shocked. I figured, 'Oh, this is kind of cool. We have a lot of twins,' but I didn't actually realize we had that many. So, I thought it was really, really cool," senior Elizabeth Lyons said.

"I remember I was with Rhianna (another twin) in calculus, and we counted up all the twins,” senior Allie Poner said.

Currently, the 28 seniors say they're more concerned about graduating and going to college than anything else. But, they admit it would be cool to have a quirky distinction in the record books for their graduating class.

"I think it'll be fun. We'll have something accomplished by the time we get out of high school already," senior Josh McGraw said.

"Well, it's going to be a pickup line for me in college. Chicks will dig it,” senior Kevin Schindler said.

After Sunday's graduation ceremony, school officials will submit to Guinness of photo of all 28 twins, along with video proof of their graduation and written documentation of their birth dates.

There's word there may be a graduating class in Texas with more twins, so the Zionsville High School seniors will have to wait for Guinness to determine which will be the new world record holder.

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