Caldwell, Fans Respond To Manning Threat

Colts' Coach: ' We're Focusing On What We Do'

Indianapolis Colts Coach Jim Caldwell on Friday brushed aside comments from the New Orleans Saints camp about plans to intimidate quarterback Peyton Manning.

Caldwell responded to comments New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams made Thursday on a Tennessee radio station in which he said defenders will "have a couple of remember me shots" for Manning and that "if it happens, you hope that he doesn't get back up and play again."

"Comments that individuals make, we can't control that. They use whatever motivational tools they like to," Caldwell said. "I'm not going to pass judgment on anything he said. "We're focusing on what we do and go from there."

Caldwell said he expected the officials would be on the lookout for any rules violations.

The Saints played rough with Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre last week, knocking him the ground several times, racking up penalties in the process.

Colts fans at a pep rally Friday weren't pleased with the Saints' Manning talk and had some ammunition to fire back.

"It's going be some remember me throws to the end zone to Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne," said Colts fan Troy Wallin. "That's what people are going to remember the most, not the Saints' defense."

Fans familiar with Manning's resume said the Bayou bluster may provide incentive.

"It just motivates him more than anything, I think," said Colts fan Jeff Wellner. "Hopefully, we just protect him and not worry about what the coach has to say."

Manning has faced a Williams-run defense six times over the last nine years, coming out victorious five times.