Colts players, football fans react to controversial Monday Night Football call

McAfee: Call was 'very unfortunate'

INDIANAPOLIS - Fallout from the controversial call at the end of Monday's football game between Seattle and Green Bay continued Tuesday, as the airwaves, social media sites and NFL players reacted.

The call on the field was a touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks, and a victory over the Green Bay Packers. 

The call in the radio studio from host Michael Grady, from "The Big Joe and Grady Show," was disgust.

"What is it going to take for them to realize they are tainting the image of a once proud game? They are turning the game into a joke. That's what it is right now, a joke," Grady said.

The Twitter world is also aflame, and Big Joe -- Joe Staysniak -- read some of those comments on the radio show.

"Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush said, 'These refs gotta go. I'm sorry.' Actor Samuel L. Jackson, Mr. Snakes himself, (said) '…These refs are in over their heads, obviously.'"

And the criticism did not come from just one show, but came throughout the day. 

Players for the Indianapolis Colts expressed similar sentiments about the call.

"Personally I thought Green Bay clearly had the possession, but they said the league came out today and said it was the right call, so it is what it is. But if I played for Green Bay I'd be upset too," said Colts cornerback Jerraud Powers.

"It's definitely disappointing and obviously very unfortunate for the Green Bay Packers. When you only have 16 opportunities to really build your team and showcase your team and make a run for the playoffs, it's very unfortunate for something to end that way," Colts punter Pat McAfee said.

"You never know what that one game could do for your team. Obviously you don’t want to be in that position, on a Hail Mary, but as a player, regardless, you've just got to go out there and play, regardless of if we have the regular refs. You know, they make mistakes as well," Colts safety Antoine Bethea said.

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