Colts' Jeff Saturday: Not Everything Lost

Colts Center Says He's Disappointed

Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday had high hopes when he left his family to attend the NFL mediations in Washington, D.C.

He's as disappointed as a lot of fans, that an agreement wasn't reached.

"We're going to fight the lockout any way we can," said Saturday. "The last thing we want is to interrupt the fans' love of the game."

But when the players union was denied access to the previous 10 years of NFL financial records, the Colts' long-time center was among those who gave the go-ahead to decertify the union.

Almost immediately, Saturday's teammate, Peyton Manning, was among those who filed anti-trust lawsuits against the NFL.

As for the future of the negotiations, Saturday advised fans not to overreact.

"The process of negotiating goes on. Not everything's lost," Saturday said.

But when Saturday, a member of the union's executive committee, and the rest of the NFL players will be on the field again is uncertain.

"I worked as hard as anyone in getting a deal done. I'm disappointed, too," Saturday said.