Colts fans throw shade at Josh McDaniels after he backs out of Colts deal

Posted: 10:31 PM, Feb 06, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-07 17:21:38Z

INDIANAPOLIS -- Blindsided.

That was a word thrown around a lot Tuesday evening after the news broke that Josh McDaniels wouldn't be coming to Indianapolis after all. 

But was it really such a shock? 

Maybe. Reports began during the Super Bowl on Sunday that McDaniels could end up turning his back on the Colts and return to New England. 

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Either way, Colts fans had a lot to say about McDaniels after he decided to backstab the Colts. And after general manager Chris Ballard ended Wednesday's press conference by saying, "The rivalry is back on."

Trust us, you don't want to spurn a Colts fan. Especially when they're hyped about GM Chris Ballard.

Check out some of their reactions below. 




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