Indianapolis Colts go high tech, unveil new mobile app for NFL home opener

App, Wi-Fi meant to boost fan experience

INDIANAPOLIS - Lucas Oil Stadium is going high-tech for Sunday's home opener.

While watching the Colts take on the Minnesota Vikings, fans will be tweeting, texting and posting to Facebook, and stadium staff are confident new technology can keep up.

"We have a lot of confidence in our DAS system -- Distributed Antennae System -- as well as Wi-Fi. We have both. In fact, we have the second largest DAS system in north America," said Larry Hall, the Colts' vice president of tickets and guest services. "We're told New Orleans just installed one that's slightly larger than ours."

Mobile providers also enhanced their systems in and around Lucas Oil Stadium for the Super Bowl, which will benefit Colts fans.

The team is also launching an app to boost the game day experience for fans at the stadium.

"You can get multi-angle replays, NFL streaming live video on the NFL red zone. You can access our radio broadcast, NFL fantasy stats," Hall said. "There's a whole host of things -- stadium amenities, a dust bowl meter -- a number of things that are going to be very, very cool for our fans."

The new app is free to download. Tech helpers in orange shirts will be on to assist fans at Sunday's game.

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