Grandstands ready for 40k Grand Prix fans

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Grand Prix is a whole new race from what the speedway is used to, and that means the track will be seeing a new set of seating options as well.

Unlike the Indianapolis 500, where fans pack the grandstands around the oval, IMS officials are expecting the grassy areas near the road course to be the coveted seats.

"They're only running on the oval mainly for the front stretch, maybe just a little bit between turns one and two" said IMS President Doug Boles. "But for the most part they're running through the infield."

Officials have strategically placed eight grandstands where fans are going to see the most passing and cornering. They've also constructed a brand new turn two mound.

"The corners, here you're going to see a lot of heavy braking, a lot of high speed into heavy braking and then accelerating really hard into the corners, so you really get to see what an IndyCar can do," Boles said. "So when you're at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway we know their terminal velocity, we know how fast they can go and they pretty much maintain that speed all way around. Here around the road course the slowest speed is about 60 miles an hour, the fastest speed is almost 200 miles an hour and then they're braking and accelerating in between. So it really shows the performance of the vehicles."

Fans like Jan Buis say they're thrilled to be closer to the action.

"They get loose right in here. This is a good place to sit," Buis said. "They come through here and, I don't know if it's because they start to accelerate or they hit a little bump or something, but I saw a guy spin right here. So that's pretty nice."

An estimated 40,000 fans are expected to visit the track on Saturday for the Indianapolis Grand Prix, and 75,000 seats await them. General admission seating costs $25 and gets you anywhere you want to go.

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