Indianapolis 500 | Navigating your way to the track

INDIANAPOLIS - Traveling through Indianapolis during Indy 500 weekend can be quite tricky. That’s why Good Morning Indiana traffic reporter Lauren Casey scouted out the best routes for your weekend.

Here are the best ways to travel and park near the track, according to where you’re sitting.

You can also follow the map below for the best way to get to the track.

Seats near Turns 1 or 2

You are in the Orange Zone.

The closest parking lots to the south end of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) are off 16th Street.

If you’re heading to the race from the west side of the city along Interstate 465, you can exit east on 10th Street from I-465 and head north on Lynhurst Drive.

Next, head east on Crawfordsville Road, which merges with 16th Street.

Stay in the righthand lane and you’ll find the parking lots off 16th Street on the right side of the street as you approach IMS.

If you’re heading into town on Interstate 70, exit north on West Street (which, at that exit, is also South Missouri Street for a short time) and then take 16th Street west. Stay on the left and the parking lots will come up on your left on 16th Street.

West-Side Seats

If your seats are on the west side of IMS, then you’re in the Green Zone.

If you’re heading to the track from the west side on I-465, exit on Crawfordsville Road and head southeast to Winton Avenue. Take Winton north to 20th, and take 20th east to enter Lots 2, 5 and 9.

To reach lots 6 and 8, take Winton to 22nd Street and then head north on Auburn, then head east on McCray Street. For lot 6, use Meyers Drive. For lot 8, continue past Meyers Drive. The lot will be just before Georgetown Road.

Seats near Turns 3 or 4

If your seats are near turns 3 or 4, you are in the Red Zone.

If you’re taking Interstate 65 from the north, you can take the Lafayette Road exit and head southeast. Then, turn south onto Georgetown Road. You can enter the lot just past the 30th Street intersection.

If you’re on the west side coming on I-465, use exit 17 to take 38th Street east. Turn south onto Moller Road, then head east on 30th Street. Last, turn south on Georgetown Road to the lot entrances on your left.

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