Irsay Blasts 'Media Word-Twisters' In Twitter Rant

Colts Owner Defends Social Media Usage

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is the NFL's most prolific tweeter among owners, and he's not shy about sharing information via social media, even if some don't agree with his methods.

Irsay lashed out Monday via Twitter at what he called "media word-twisters out there who weave perceptions that distort reality."

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Irsay took some heat earlier this year after he spilled some information through Twitter after chiding quarterback Peyton Manning for an interview in which he detailed a not-so-healthy situation within the Colts organization.

Some saw Irsay's tweeting as doing the same thing publicly that Manning did in his interview, but Irsay sees it differently.

"I said"If u have a PROBLEM with some1,keep it n house.Never said"Don't communicate with fan base about issues involving their team's roster," Irsay tweeted.

The Colts owner said he sees Twitter as a tool to communicate with fans, without media filters.

"We will always communicate with Colt Fans about important issues through all 21st century means to be informative and insightful," Irsay tweeted Monday.

Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media have peeled back editorial and public relations layers, giving celebrities and others a chance to shape their own messages directly.

"Some n traditional media see twitter as a threat,it can instantly n directly inform fans what the real deal is,but both can exist n harmony," Irsay tweeted.

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