Luck Talks Colts, NFL Draft

Stanford Quarterback Pushes To Be Top Pick

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and quarterback Peyton Manning have been in the news a lot lately as the Colts near a decision on his future, but Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is laying low on the subject.

Most believe the Colts will select Luck with the top pick of the NFL Draft in April. Luck smiled and laughed a lot during a seven-minute conversation with RTV6 Sports Director Dave Furst on Thursday that touched on the quarterback's preparation, his drive and his aspirations.

"Nothing's set in stone, but as a competitive guy, yeah, you'd love to be No. 1," Luck said. "You train for it. You feel like it validates your body of work in college."

Luck said he believes his successes at Stanford have prepared him for the next step and that he's staying in shape and working hard.

"I'm taking it seriously with the training and the preparation for the Combine, which is the next immediate step, and the Pro Day after that," Luck said.

Aside from the physical work, Luck said Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh and others helped him prepare mentally for the NFL.

"I think most importantly was how to lead within your own personality. You don't have to change as a person to be a leader, to be a quarterback," Luck said.

Luck has said that he would be fine sitting behind Manning, if that were the case, and that he's trying to keep the speculation out of his mind, though Colts fans have already been donning his jersey.

"I try to stay away from things I might not want to hear," Luck said. "It's a little presumptive (that the Colts will pick me), but to each his own. You can't get mad at someone for wearing a jersey."

Luck said he's committed to working hard for a long career in the NFL.

"I'll put my head down, do what the coaches ask, try and do what's best for the team and work hard," Luck said.

Luck declined to speculate on what the Colts will do on draft day, acknowledging that he's being politically correct.

"I don't know. I'm not the Colts right now," Luck said. "I'm not making their decisions."

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