New Indiana University policy bars sexual violence offenders from athletics

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Taking a stand against sexual assault, Indiana University recently changed its policy about prospective student-athletes with a record of sex crimes.

The new policy states that any prospective student-athlete who has been convicted of, pled guilty or no contest to a felony involving sexual violence is ineligible for competition or practice at IU.

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The ban also covers somebody who has been found responsible for sexual violence by disciplinary action at a previous university or school. 

For the purposes of the new policy, sexual violence is considered any of the following: dating violence, domestic violence, rape or sexual assault.

Prospective student-athletes are subject to a criminal background check and internet search -- part of an existing policy. Coaches are also expected to talk to teachers, coaches, administrators, teammates and family members of prospective student-athletes.

A student-athlete's automatic disqualification can be reversed only by a panel of the university Title IX coordinator, a university general counsel and a faculty athletics representative.

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