Owners to decide on 2018 Super Bowl site

ATLANTA - NFL owners will vote Tuesday on the site of the 2018 Super Bowl, choosing between New Orleans, Indianapolis and Minneapolis.

The host committee was in Atlanta on Monday to prepare for the presentation. The order of the bid presentations will be Minneapolis, New Orleans and Indianapolis.

Former Indianapolis Colt Jeff Saturday and Allison Melangton -- who also led the Super Bowl Host Committee when Indy had the event in 2012 -- were two of the presenters poised to pitch Indianapolis to the owners.

The presentation highlighted Lucas Oil Stadium, the city's success with 2012's Super Bowl Village, Indy's sports history and the fact that Indianapolis is the only committee that has pre-funded 100 percent of its operations.

The committee says it plans to impress the NFL owners by showing it already has $30 million in the bank to pay for Super Bowl activities.

Lucas Oil Stadium has ranked as the nation’s top stadium for fan experience for the past three years. The city is also part of a legacy project that will focus on making youth football safer by working with Indy-based USA Football.

Colts owner Jim Irsay will make a five-minute speech. His daughters spoke about their dad, the bid and their pride for the city.

Carlie Irsay Gordon and Kalen Irsay have taken on a bigger role this time around to make sure the city can win over the other NFL voters.

"We are all true Hoosiers and I think the passion we have for the Colts and the city and how far we’ve come --we just want to be able to add to that even more and I think getting another Super Bowl would do that," Kalen Irsay said.

The rest of the committee had nothing bad to say about New Orleans or Minneapolis, despite their desire to bring the game to Indy.

"They’re all really strong contenders and I think that’s the hardest thing. It is a three-horse race through and through every time. We obviously want to be able to win, but we are proud of all the cities and what they’ve been able to accomplish," Kalen Irsay said.

Next year's game is in Arizona, followed by the San Francisco Bay Area for the 50th Super Bowl in 2016. The 2017 game will be in Houston.

Owners also will discuss potentially expanding the playoffs by two teams, one in each conference.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has said it's still possible such a change to 14 playoff teams could happen this year if it is voted on and passed in Atlanta. It would require 24 yes votes out of 32.

More likely, 2015 would be the target date for expanded playoffs.

The workplace environment also will be a topic of conversation for the owners.

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