Moving trucks at Paul George's house? Not a surprise

INDIANAPOLIS -- A picture posted to Instagram caused quite the stir pre-NBA Draft on Thursday - it showed a Penske rented truck outside of Paul George's Geist home.

Penske trucks are typically rented for moving purposes. The words "move" and "moving truck" are plastered all over the company's website.

Further analysis from SkyCam6 Thursday evening showed heavy construction to another home in the cul-de-sac, so it's entirely possible the truck was for someone else, just caught in front of George's estimated-$2.5 million home in the angle of the photo.

So is Paul George moving? No official word yet from the @yg_Trece camp, but let's suppose he is: It's not breaking news.

Exhibit A.) George is from the West Coast, and frequently returns there to live in his California home during the NBA offseason. He probably has to move some stuff with him to make that transition comfortable for a few months.

Exhibit B.) George has, of course, already informed the Pacers he's out after this upcoming season. And last time I checked, $2.5 million homes aren't easy to sell. Might as well start moving the big stuff out to Cali.

Exhibit C.) With all the trade rumors swirling and the Pacers' being very open about shopping PG, would you want to own a home during a time of uncertainty like that? Renting would be the smarter option, so once George soaks in his California rays for the summer, he could come back to Indy in a rental until his time is finished. 

Here's the pic, by the way:



Bye PG 👋🏼 ... looks like he is moving out!! #hearditherefirst first #pacers #tmz #sportscenter

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Time will tell. Pacers fans are more concerned with what the team can get in return for George before we lose him for nothing, so if he is moving ahead of one of those trade rumors, it's to be celebrated. 

Here's the latest update on said trade rumors:

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