Parents Say Boy Kicked Off Team Because He's Too Good

League: Boy Too Old For Team

Some parents contend that a 13-year-old youth football player was kicked off his team because he's too good of a player.

Chris Mickle, a sixth-grader, said he loved playing football with his teammates in the Greenwood Bantam Football League.

Some parents on an opposing team wanted Mickle kicked off his team. They got their way, based on the boy's age. He's 12 days too old to play on a 6th grade team, 6News' Rick Hightower reported.

Parents of children on Mickle's team said his age became an issue because of a hard hit he put on an opposing player during a game on Saturday.

"They're saying he's hitting too hard, he's too big and he's too talented," said Shane Wright, parent of another player. "The team loses 20 to nothing. The other coach gets a little bent out of shape. Some of the parents get a little bent out of shape. They start ranting and raving in the audience … cursing."

Mickle can't play football in junior high school because he's not in seventh grade, which is the reason the league signed him up, Hightower reported.

"I like football a lot. I've been practicing and stuff to teach myself how to play," Mickle said.

Parents of players whose team lost to Mickle's team on Saturday met with league officials Tuesday night, which led to the boy being kicked off the team. 6News' cameras were not allowed in the meeting.

"All the coaches teach the kids to go out and … give it 110 percent," said John Mickel, Chris' father. "He does that and is good at it and they want him to back off."

The father of a 67-pound boy who gets hit in practice by Mickel, who weights 150 pounds, said football is a contact sport that will result in children hitting each other -- something he contends all parents should realize before they sign children up for football.