TMZ: Dwight Freeney Scammed Out Of $2.2M

Former Financial Advisers Arrested

Dwight Freeney's former financial advisers face federal charges after they embezzled more than $2 million from the Colts defensive end, according to

The gossip site cited a federal complaint against Eva D. Weinberg and Michael A. Stern, who were arrested last week on wire fraud charges for conspiring to "defraud victim D.F., a professional football player."

Weinberg, a financial adviser at Bank of America, worked with Freeney, controlling several of his accounts, and introduced him to Stern, who is also a financial adviser, according to the documents.

Federal prosecutors claim Weinberg and Stern made $2.2 million in fraudulent transfers from Dwight's accounts to Arms Reach Consulting, a company controlled by Stern, between May 2010 and October 2011.

Weinberg and Stern bought pricey sunglasses, stays in luxury hotels and planned to buy a private jet for $1.5 million with Freeney's money, an FBI investigator said in the federal complaint.

Agents even heard Stern brag on the phone that "no one would be able to connect him to the [consulting] account if the wire transfers were investigated," TMZ reported.

Weinberg was arrested in Los Angeles, while Stern was arrested in Miami.

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