Youth Sports Club To Ban Some Names From Jerseys

First Names, Nicknames Forbidden On Shirts

A popular Carmel youth sports club will ban some names from athletes jerseys in an effort to protect them from predators, officials said.

The Carmel Dads' Club will ban first names and nicknames from team jerseys beginning in the winter, 6News' Renee Jameson reported.

Organizers said the ban is an effort to prevent strangers from approaching one of the club's 12,000 athletes.

"We didn't want someone to come up and say, 'Hi' to Mary or Jimmy or Sally and the kids react thinking that they knew them," said Dad’s Club President McGinley. “We don't believe it's an overreaction. Again, we took into consideration the safety of the youth and the way times are today."

The concerns of club two parents sparked the initial discussion about the ban, organizers said.

"If you think about it realistically, there are people out there who, unfortunately, would take advantage of seeing someone's name on the back and call out to that boy or girl and they may feel they know them because they know their name," said club coach Mike Harvey.

Some parents and children said they think the move is unnecessary and an overreaction.

"I didn't like it. It was the worst thing that's ever happened to me," one boy said, perhaps overdramatically.

Club officials said they consulted Carmel police and several child safety organizations before making the change.

Last names will still be allowed on the uniforms, organizers said. The ban will start with the winter season.