Wild series of events leads to ambulance hijacking on Indianapolis interstate

Posted: 6:04 AM, Feb 21, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-21 13:35:32-05
Stolen Ambulance2.JPG

INDIANAPOLIS — A man is in custody after a wild series of events Thursday morning that led to an ambulance being carjacked on the interstate.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department PIO Aaron Hamer says the situation began on I-70 east at Harding Street when two vehicles got into an accident. A man in one of those vehicles then pulled a gun and kidnapped the other person, driving off in their vehicle.

The suspect then crashed the victims' vehicle a second time in the area of I-65 and West Street, Hamer says. The victim ran from the scene and the suspect flagged down an ambulance and while paramedics were trying to help him he hijacked the ambulance at gunpoint and drove off down the highway.

The suspect stopped for an unknown reason in the area of I-65 near Martin Luther King Street. An officer driving by stopped to assist what he thought were medics needing assistance and took the suspect into custody. HIs identity and any charges he may face have not been released at this time.

The medics were not injured but they were left outside. The original victim called 911 from the area of 12th and Alabama streets and did not suffer any serious injuries.

The situation continues to develop and remains under investigation by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.