Lack of parking, sidewalks along College Avenue during construction

Posted: 1:33 PM, May 01, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-01 18:07:59-04
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INDIANAPOLIS — Construction is in full swing along College Avenue for the IndyGo Red Line Project. Right now, parking is restricted within the work zone, limiting options for people who want to visit some of their favorite spots along the stretch.

"This is the worst it's been," said Scott Goodwine, who is the landlord of the building that houses Luna Music. This “worst it’s been” is referring to the parking situation (or lack, thereof), along College Avenue.

Right now, it's restricted in the work zone while crews are building sidewalks and curbs, as part of the IndyGo Red Line project.

“All on-street parking in front of all businesses on this corner and also on all lighted corners-42nd, 46th, 49th, 52nd, 54th, and Kessler, they're all going to lose their on-street parking in front of their businesses,” said Goodwine.

Sign after sign line up the street, telling drivers they can't park along the road.

Goodwine said his property only has five parking spots for the seven apartments and six retail units his building houses.

“Blue Indy took away five spaces two years ago, they gave two back. But that helped just a little bit,” said Goodwine.

Goodwine said there are many loyal customers who still venture out and park on side streets to walk to their desired spots. But, with the lack of available sidewalks, he is concerned this could create a safety issue for pedestrians. He also said the traffic tends to get pretty backed up.

“A lot of times, as they do it over here, they reduce it to actually one lane, where a flagger has to stop the traffic. And then you'll get people backed up in the intersection because they don't know that they're going to have to stop. So, it's been hectic. And, really, kind of dangerous,” Goodwine said.

He said he hopes people can remember what goes beyond the construction cones, to ensure business stays busy.

“It's the businesses and the neighborhood that have made it what it is today, and not anything that IndyGo is proposing,” said Goodwine.

IndyGo said the plan is for the sidewalks, the curbs and all of the digging to be complete by July 31st, and the stations are expected to be complete on College Avenue by August.

For a timeline of the expected project completion, you can click right here.