Early Indiana 2012-2013 winter weather outlook mixed

Forecasters weigh in on winter outlook

INDIANAPOLIS - Will Hoosiers be repeatedly shoveling snow this winter, or will the winter months be tame? 

As temperatures cool down with winter on the way, the all-important winter weather forecast is on the minds of Hoosiers.

Despite initial predictions from most sources of a snowier and colder winter season last year, central Indiana didn’t get much snow and the winter chill was not as bad as in previous years.

While RTV6 is holding off on making any winter predictions yet, some other weather information sources are putting their early winter forecasts out there.

Accuweather said it expects the winter season to be near normal for Indiana in terms of temperatures.

The National Weather Service’s early winter forecast, which runs through December, calls for temperatures in Indiana to be above normal and for precipitation to be near normal.

The Accuweather forecast also calls for precipitation to be near normal.

Accuweather’s long-range forecast calls for a large part of the upper-Midwest to receive lower-than-normal snowfall and higher-than-normal temperatures. Indiana is slightly outside of that area.

Just to the southeast of Indiana, portions of the Appalachians are expected to see lower-than-normal temperatures and higher-than-normal snowfall.

The National Weather Service’s early winter forecast puts Indiana squarely in a higher-than-normal temperature range.

A lot of factors play into the winter forecast, and long-range predictions are fraught with difficulty. The winter weather outlook will become a lot clearer as the season nears.

RTV6 will also release its winter weather outlook soon.

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