Get ready for more 90° heat this summer

INDIANAPOLIS -- Summer is officially here!  It's really just a formality at this point though.  We've already hit 90° ten times this year.  We average fifteen 90° days, and there looks to be more in our future.

The summer outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is calling for above average temperatures for the summer season.  We will still have some cool spells.  Case in point, the first day of summer didn't get out of the 70s.  At our warmest, we average a high in the mid 80s.  So, it's pretty safe to say more 90° heat can be expected. 

The cooler start to the season is thanks to the rain.  It's much needed!  Abnormally dry conditions still exist over the heart of central Indiana, but our recent rains have brought our monthly and yearly rainfall totals right in line with where we should be.  

The outlook for the summer is a little less clear.  The Climate Prediction Center says there's an equal chance our rainfall could be below, near or above average.  The same can be said for July, which averages about four and a half inches of rain.  We'll have to take things week by week, but you may not want to put the lawn sprinkler away just yet. 

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