Court Removes Camm Prosecutor

Book Deal 'Compromised' Ability To Proceed

A new prosecutor will have to oversee the third trial of a former Indiana State Trooper accused of killing his wife and their two children.

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson should be removed from the David Camm case, citing what it called "an irreversible, actual conflict of interest."

That conflict surrounds a deal Henderson signed to write a book about the Camm case following the second trial.

Camm has twice been convicted of the September 2000 murders of his wife, Kimberly, their son, Bradley, 7, and daughter, Jill, 5, in their home in southern Indiana. Both convictions were overturned on appeal.

After the second trial in 2009, Henderson signed a contract with a publishing company to write a book about the case, tentatively titled "Sacred Trust: Deadly Betrayal."

In its unanimous ruling, the Court of Appeals found that even though the contract was later canceled, Henderson’s signing of it "permanently compromised his ability to advocate on behalf of the people of the State of Indiana in this trial."

The court ordered a special prosecutor be appointed if the case continues to move forward.

No date has been set for the third trial.

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