Mom, daughter trapped in home by aggressive cat

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - An enraged cat allegedly trapped its owners in the bedroom of their home, prompting a woman and her daughter to call 911.

According to police, the incident was reported about 4 a.m. when the pet owners barricaded themselves inside a bedroom in Chula Vista, Calif., because their cat would not let them out, KGTV reported. 

They told emergency dispatchers that when they tried to exit the room, the cat became furious. Officers responded and tried coaxing the cat, named "Cuppy," by softly calling it, until it eventually walked out on its own.

Cuppy has reportedly been the family pet for 14 years. However, he’s unpredictable – especially when the neighborhood stray cat stalks their yard. It had never escalated to a 911 call before.

“He’s just a ball of fury I guess,” neighbor Karen Yarger said.

Police were eventually able to distract Cuppy. The homeowners said they would be taking Cuppy to the vet with a very difficult decision ahead of them. 

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